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January 3, 2013
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Little Cubone by Jack-a-Lynn Little Cubone by Jack-a-Lynn
"May I go with you?", Cubone asked with his big , blue eyes.


I got an idea for a later part of my Pokémon story ;P But I don't know if I'll draw because I don't know if it's under the mature content section or not <- because of the horror and creepyness (I would use creepypasta's Buried Alive story) . But whatever I will tell what the story's about:

The group (Iris, Cilan, N,Ash) traveled to Kanto to find the fighting Zekrom and Reshiram (just because of that the main 3 followed N). Nobody knows if they really are somewhere in Kanto but Ash got a weird dream and thought that Reshiram told him.
On the way Ash is kidnapped by Team Plasma. Ghetsis wanted the whole Power of the dragons - Reshiram and Zekrom should fight against each other to see which one is the strongest but with the support of the main 3, Natural refused to help his own team with catching Reshiram. Too bad that Zekrom began to fight and they both flew away.
Ash is to blame for the mess, Team Plasma thought. They chained him with his Pokémon in the tower of Lavender Town. Nothing happened until Iris, N and Cilan entered the tower as well. While Iris and Cilan met little Cubone and his ghosty mother, N freed Ash and both climbed up , stage for stage because they hoped to see both dragons from the top of the tower.
In the last stage they decided to make a little break as they noticed two similar tombstones. They heard the voice of Buried Alive before it appeared and challenged Ash to a battle. Instead of using different Pokémon, Buried Alive just used his "White Hand" that transformed into an unbeatable Mewtwo. Of course the Mewtwo won against Ash's Pokémon and B. Alive was going to kill Ash, N interrupted and challenged B.Alive to a battle as well. He just had one Pokémon (Zoroark) which was able to dodge a few of Mewtwo's attacks. Meanwhile N and Ash tried to open the closed door to escape but B.Alive noticed that N just wants to play for time and decided to kill both without waiting for the end of the battle.
In the same time both dragons fought in the sky of Lavender Town as Reshiram throw a fireball and made the whole tower burned. While Ash and N fled, Iris and Cilan had problems with their escape from the mother of Cubone, who believed that they are the murderer.
Ash's to afraid to bring his Pokémon to the nearest Pokémon Center because he believed that all People of the town were mind controlled puppets of Buried Alive so he went through the town to the nearest forest. A little later, little Cubone met the group and asked to join, because he was always very lonely. He told his mother to stop attacking Iris and Cilan because they weren't the murderer but Ash didn't want to hear Cubone's words because he lived in the tower as well as Buried Alive. Ash fainted as he heard a few more details about the life of Buried A. and Cubone make himself a new member of the group.

In the past, Cubone lived in the tower for all years. He often visited the two graves at the top and talked with B.A. about his mother. Actually Buried was a normal trainer who liked psycho Pokémon. After his death, he searched for the murderer like Cubone's mother. He killed every trainer who entered "his" stage. Cubone explained that every trainer's able to escape, they just have to be fast. Buried Alive can't leave his area, he's forced to stay in the tower, on his stage. If a trainer would get the chance to escape to a lower stage, Buried won't follow. Another thing he explained to the completely confused and scared Ash (who still believed he lost the battle and the Mewtwo would follow and kill him) is that Ash's battle don't have a meaning anymore because he left the stage. So if Ash would enter (what's impossible because the tower's on fire) again, Buried Alive would appear and challenge him again but he also said it's impossible to defeat the Mewtwo.
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Jadekettu Jan 1, 2014  Student Digital Artist
It is SO CUTE!!!! 0u0
Tailorthehedgehog1 Nov 9, 2013
:icongaryoakplz: sure thing little buddy
molly0201 Aug 21, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yes, you may go with me, you little cutie.
I wanna hug it :happybounce: 
Lavagale Aug 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I want to hug him so much!! so cute I love how u color eyes <3
Tazzi17 Jul 9, 2013   Traditional Artist
ermahgerd its so adorable ^-^
I just wanna snuggle it so much
TheLordOfTheArts Jul 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
how cute *.* i really like this pokemon. it looks so sweet
Tazzi17 Apr 3, 2013   Traditional Artist
Awwwww,its so adorbes <3
Casadee Mar 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Geez, those eyes *w*
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